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View Diary: Eggs on their faces: Pollsters Mason Dixon and Suffolk incredibly wrong (82 comments)

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    1.  Racism

    2.  Poor education

    3.  RELIGION

    And from religion derives misogyny, tribalism, and Old Testament-style notions of sin/retribution/God's judgment for your misfortunes.

    We can maybe do something about education.  

    IMO, when education is available and there's a reasonable standard of living, religion is less of a problem.  Religion is where you turn when life sucks.  Make life suck less, you're less in passionate thrall to the preacher (or imam, or what have you - I believe this is important foreign policy, as well).  But I firmly believe that religion is at the core of our problems with Repub voters, and until people become more secular we will always have this block of "dead-enders" who vote in ways that are absolutely contrary to their financial and personal-liberty interests.

    Racism is going to be an issue even when there's not a black man on the ticket.  They think the "47%," the "takers," are all minority "welfare queens."  Maybe aging of the population helps, but I think racism will always be a factor.

    Realistically, people who have certain lifestyles (e.g., rural) have different world-views than people with other lifestyles (urban).  They have different concerns, different perceptions, different neighbors.  You don't just educate people in those communities and they stick around - many leave to go someplace more cosmopolitan once they've obtained an education; the uneducated stay behind.  

    I don't know that we can "bring up" the mostly rural deep South to ever be receptive to what interests folks in NYC or SoCal, for example.  It's not a closed system, for one thing, and people in NYC often self-select to be there, leaving places like the deep South, so even bringing in education and better standards of life isn't going to fix the problem.  I'm not sure that it's realistic to expect it.

    Thought is only a flash in the middle of a long night, but the flash that means everything - Henri Poincaré

    by milton333 on Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 10:46:54 AM PST

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