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View Diary: An ideological realignment driven by demography (130 comments)

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  •  If you want to drive the party left (11+ / 0-)

    Liberal constituencies must learn to friggin' participate in primary elections and midterms.

    What left-leaning slacktivists keep forgetting is that while not voting for a candidate and making him/her lose might make them go your way -- if you withhold your vote from a candidate and they manage to win without you by courting different constituencies you better believe that they're going to keep ignoring you.

    You want a more liberal Democratic party? Vote in the damn primaries and off-year elections. Depending on where you are your vote can be anywhere from twice to a twenty times more powerful than it would during the final phase of the election.

    As amazing as it sounds, the typical Tea Party voter is apparently much smarter than the Green Party voter. Because they actually know when their vote is at its strongest.

    •  I'm not sure that statistics bear this out (0+ / 0-)

      I need to see the numbers from the 2010 election. It was the common view that liberals sat 2010 out, but from what I recall, liberal activist types turned out pretty well.

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