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  •  Don't expect on any change coming from the VSP. (3+ / 0-)

    The Villagers won't tire of being consistently wrong and being unable to recognize reality until their corporate pimp owners threaten to withhold paychecks.

    You might get individual defectees like David Frum, but there will always be another pundit beating down the door for a chance to whore themselves out for a seat in the Kool Kidz Klub. All they have to do is stroke their egos of their pimps and occasionally disseminate propaganda. And the best way to stroke someone's ego is to tell them that they'll get everything they want without any effort because they personally are that awesome. It's an awesome gig.

    Until their corporate pimp owners order the Villagers to tell the truth, it ain't going to happen. Partly because the corporate pimp owners aren't even aware what's really going on themselves! Even if Stalin is angry at the crop yields, executing one patch of scientists and shipping in a new staff isn't going to help the situation if he demands that these new guys also believe in Lysenko's dogma.

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