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  •  The real "Entitlement Culture" (4+ / 0-)
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    That is undermining the Republicans is the one that they're pandering to - people who resent providing support (through taxes and government programs) to Americans who are different than them. Republicans have been attacking public education, health-care initiatives, welfare, food stamps, social security, and medicare for the last decade, and are somehow surprised to find that they're losing votes from populations that benefit from these programs.

    From a progressive standpoint, investing in society by providing improved opportunities and support to those who need it is the best way to build a strong future. So attributing this shift to demographics doesn't quite get to the core - Democrats align better with the progressive principles that go back to LBJ, JFK, and FDR that are increasingly important to the public.

    I think that Republicans got caught in the 9/11 bubble - for years they could get away with crazy stuff, as long as they tied it to national security. But that prevented them for recognizing and responding strategically to ongoing demographic changes.

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