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  •  And not the first time, in my unschooled opinion.. (1+ / 0-)
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    Based on my readings of U.S. history, it has been my perception that, after  the Civil War, a major focus of the Republican Party was that of advancing the condition of African-Americans, especially with respect to voting.  Concurrently, many Southern [White] leaders were disenfranchised, and they could only get their voting rights restored through a bureaucratic process.  In the interim, Republicans were able to establish "Reconstruction" of the South.

    Eventually Southern Whites regained their votes to the point that they could contest the Republicans.  I think the watershed moment was the Hayes-Tilden election, where the Presidency was awarded based on a deal between the Democrats and Republicans that made Hayes the President in return for withdrawal of U.S. troops from the South.  Reconstruction ended.

    It seems to me that Republicans then [abandoned African-Americans and] became the party of Big Business.  If that was not a realignment, it was a drastic and historic ideological shift.  

    I write with hesitation because I know a lot of scholars read these posts!

    •  P.S.: I predict that, having failed now with (0+ / 0-)

      Religious Reconstruction, the Republican Party will abandon the Theocons and focus again on Big Business as their raison d'etre.

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