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  •  Republicans don't need to "win" the hispanic vote. (1+ / 0-)
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    They just need to peel off a little more of it.  Similarly, they don't need to win women -- they just need to do better than 44%.  If Republicans win 47% of the women's vote, they win elections, by riding the white male vote.  We still live in an environment where elections are decided on the margins.    

    As for realignment, when the national debate moves away from how much we'll cut the safety net, and towards ways of intelligently expanding it, when people talk more about crippling income inequality than they do about the budget deficit, I'll believe it's happened.  We're moving -- slooowly -- in that direction, but we aren't there yet.  And I have a hard time seeing Obama as a transformative figure the way Reagan was.  Obama has been in office basically for four years, he's been through two presidential elections, and I still have no idea what his economic philosophy is, and neither does anyone I know.  Nobody ever had any doubt what Reagan's economic philosophy was, and it gave the Republcians something to rally around, to believe in.  The only thing I can believe about Obama is that he'll cut the safety net less than the Republicans would have tried to -- he's shown me nothing more than that.  It's not exactly the sort of thing that inspires a rallying, game-changing movement.  

    The 1 percent doesn’t vote against their self-interest. Why should the 99 percent? -- Joan Vennochi

    by Martin Gale on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 11:12:59 AM PST

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