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    But I don't think the U.S. electorate would put up with a one party system

    I think its naturally designed for a two party system

    Whether that means they will accept a conservative party like the current GOP is another matter. The answer to that is no. But what could also happen is a split betetween the two parties existing in the Democratic Party with the conservatives one side and liberals on the other.

    Separately, the ideological make up of the voters isn't so much the issue as the comfort of the voters.

    The new element is that the new voters weren't previously a part of the establishment like the newer voters. Take housing. There have been a lot of forces that has allow discrimination in housing. The same with education. The same with employment. I believe someone  just had a post up about that.

    The other theory is that we could see an apartheid situation due to the "Whiteness" being  a factor in how the power has been previous distributed as those with an existing grip on power try to maintain it through new rules. I suppose that's possible, but highly unlikley.

    I don't know how things swill end up. I see different theories. What is clear is that while the Democrats  may gain, its not clear what it all may mean.

    One thing is clear. None of th

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