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  •  If I was George Soros (1+ / 0-)
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    or Bruce Wayne some other liberal billionaire with a shady agenda, I would start turbocharging Appalachia and/or the Midwest with green energy projects and biotech industries. I'd probably start with the Midwest, because, you know, Senate.

    Appalachia and the Midwest are a lot more amenable to the liberal agenda than people think. Like if you look at crime statistics and polls of wingnut questions you get a white response rate similar to that of the West and Northeast.

    The problem is that leftists haven't actually brought home any bacon for them in who knows how long. We can whine about being cockblocked by conservatives, but at the end of the day people vote for people who bring them bennies. Which is fine; the whole point of good government is to provide gifts and/or remove obstacles as long as it doesn't screw over other people.

    If I had access to party propaganda apparatus the very first thing I would do is to promote a jobs and renewable energy program focused on this area. And also federal funding for a bunch more universities. Fully funded universities you can go to for free.

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