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  •  So you just levelled a character attack (0+ / 0-)

    on everyone, except of course, John Sides, according to you.

    What makes John Sides especially invulnerable to this societal racism exactly?

    What's funny of course is you think you are digging me a hole.

    Instead, you hysterical defense of Sides is revealed to be just that, irrationally hysterical.

    FTR, no one called Sides a racist. Instead what was pointed out is that Sides suffers from the common malady of not considering the significance of the ideological views of people of color.

    For some reason, that statement, I think undeniable to anyone  not desperate to deny it, set you off to unimaginable levels of outrage.

    It made you sick, you wrote.

    You think I am the one digging holes here?

    You have some holes all right - in your head.

    •  Bored now (0+ / 0-)

      You're no longer even trying to make sense.

      Character is an individual trait. So observing that society is racist says nothing at all about any individual, and therefore attacks no one's character.

      Your claim that Sides neglects "the significance of ideological views of people of color" is false, and -- given that I have now explained to you repeatedly why it is false -- willfully ignorant on your part. One last time: Sides did not address ideology because ideology -- of anyone, regardless of color -- is not relevant to the question of whether 2012 was a realigning election. It clearly wasn't, and anyone (looking at you) who thinks otherwise, doesn't understand the definition of realignment, can't read election returns, or has Karl-Rove-on-election-night-level delusions about the results.

      Your stubborn attempts to claim that Sides thinks that only white people's views matter are offensive -- whether you want to admit that's tantamount to an accusation of racism or not -- because they are so obviously without basis.

      At this point, it's clear that you are either incapable of understanding these points, or simply too prideful to admit your error.  So you're going to keeping digging a deeper hole until you come out on the other side of the planet. I have no wish to follow you through the molten core.


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